yoske mitsui
graphic designer

Tsunoga Elementary and Junior High School

Place: Fukui, Japan

Year: 2019

visual identity program
concept development

Tsunoga Elementary and Junior High School is the first integrated elementary and junior high school in Fukui Prefecture. Tsuruga Kita, Akasaki, Kanshin Elementary School, and Tsunoga Junior High School were integrated. The school building is built on the site of the former Tsunoga Junior High School, with a total floor area of 7720 square meters,  with 265 elementary school students and 150 junior high school students attending.

Yoske Mitsui received a grand prize at the Tsunoga School Symbol Mark Design Award produced by Fukui prefecture, Japan. Therefore, Yoske Mitsui was assigned to create the symbol mark, color system and symbol mark animation.

By combining nine figures of the same shape in different sizes, we express the growth and learning connection of students over the nine years from the first grade of elementary school to the third grade of junior high school, and grow up with the local people in those nine years. It’s also expressed the image of a scene where students can fly to the future with big wings.

Brooklyn New York, United States of America   |   2022