yoske mitsui
graphic designer


Place: California, USA

Year: 2021

visual identity program, branding, concept development

Teak Days is an homage to a visionary, it’s more than a collective but a tribute to a particular time and place where collaboration made dreams tangible and rebirth was realized. In the early 1950s, Pierre Jeanneret was invited to the city of Chandigarh by his famous cousin, Le Corbusier, hired by India’s prime minister to redesign the cityscape. Together, with help from abroad and the province of Punjab, they transformed Chandigarh into a landmark of modern architecture and design.

Yoske Mitsui was assigned to create the visual identity system including logo and also develop brand identity specifications including the appropriate colors, typography for both print and digital media.

Brooklyn New York, United States of America   |   2022